The Sins of the Fathers

Some roots go deep

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The Sins of the Fathers is in the mystery/suspense genre and centers around a woman, Jenna Forde, who begins to experience troubling dreams, visions and temptations shortly after moving into an old house in historic Uniontown, MD. The question that Jenna has to answer is: Are her terrors psychological or spiritual in nature?

The director's goal is two-fold: 1) To provide dramatic entertainment for Christians that is built on a Christian world view while portraying the Church in a positive but realistic light, and 2) To make the general public aware of the spiritual realities of curses, the demonic and power of deliverance.

The Sins of the Father is a work of fiction based on the generational healing deliverance ministry run by Rev. Jim Ball and Rev. Charles Glantzberg at Holy Apostles Charismatic Episcopal Church in Westminster, MD. It is also based on Dr. Kenneth McAll's book, Healing the Family Tree, Fr. John Hamp's Book, Healing Your Family Tree, Patricia Smith's book , From Generation to Generation: A Manual for Healing, as well works by John and Paula Sandford, Henry Gruver and others.

Starring Richard Cutting, Julie Silcott, Jonathan Ruckman, Sharon Graves
Produced by Julie Silcott, Seamus McFlannel  Written by Seamus McFlannel, Tracy Ball  Directed by Seamus McFlannel

LanguageCommon bad language or slang terms
ViolenceBrief violence without blood
SexNo sexual references
DrugsNo drug use or references
NudityNo Nudity
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Genre Drama
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Runtime 1:34:00